Property Management 物业管理
MeiBo Sports Centre property, always pay attention to businesses want and need, in the service, continue to create value for you. Tiny office in the spirit of service to see the concept of sports has always been rooted in the U.S. city of Bo in mind each employee, because of this, we can better understand your little bit of small desire to provide you with the personalized service go hand in hand.A unique service advantage, differentiation characteristics of services, professional services, ideas, and a variety of types of services, takes the essence for you to create norms Road service system, full attention to your various needs, create better business environment.
    智能化保安系统(Security System)         智能化保安系统(Security System)          智能化保安系统(Security System)
全天二十四小时保安巡逻(Security patrols) 全天二十四小时保安巡逻(Security patrols)  宽带网接入端口(Broadband access ports)
自动化交易系统(Automated Trading System)  日常工程管理(Daily project management)        日常卫生清洁服务(Hygiene)
      日常卫生清洁服务(Hygiene)               交通安全与指挥,停车场(Parking)         交通安全与指挥,停车场(Parking)
地址:广州市环市西路202号之三美博运动城(广州火车站斜对面先贤清真寺旁) 联系电话:+86 020 80666666
ADD:MeiBo Sports Centre,No.202-3,Huanshi Xi Road,Guangzhou City.(Slant forwards of Guangzhou Railway Station,on the side of the Mosque)
Tell: +86 020 80666666   Mobile:+86 15817000586
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