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MeiBo Sports Centre is the only one mainly operates fine sportswears 63 professional markets in LiuHua Commercial Cirde,which also works both exportand wholesale,induding the latest and most homegeneous of the sportswears brand of the global,strving to shape the Global Sportswear Order Centre.Detemined to"be the best market operator in china",strving to shape the NO.1 Centre of Chinese Sportswear.
地址:广州市环市西路202号之三美博运动城(广州火车站斜对面先贤清真寺旁) 联系电话:+86 020 80666666
ADD:MeiBo Sports Centre,No.202-3,Huanshi Xi Road,Guangzhou City.(Slant forwards of Guangzhou Railway Station,on the side of the Mosque)
Tell: +86 020 80666666   Mobile:+86 15817000586 粤ICP备09158358号-1

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