Media Promotion 媒体推广
    美博运动城充分利用各种媒体渠道,在各大媒体进行宣传广告。有:公交车身广告、的士广告、网络广告、杂志特刊等等。借助强大的媒体宣传, 打造全球运动服装订单中心!
MeiBo Sports Centre full use of all channels in the major media and advertising. Are: bus body advertising, taxi advertising, online advertising, publicity and so special. With a strong media campaign, creating the world sports apparel orders center!
        公交广告(Bus Advertising)              公交广告(Bus Advertising)               的士广告(Taxi Advertising)
      包装袋广告(bags Advertising)           电梯广告(Elevator Advertising)          电梯广告(Elevator Advertising)
     杂志广告(Magazine Advertising)            杂志广告(Magazine Advertising)           户外广告(Outdoor Advertising)
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ADD:MeiBo Sports Centre,No.202-3,Huanshi Xi Road,Guangzhou City.(Slant forwards of Guangzhou Railway Station,on the side of the Mosque)
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